courtney. wrestling is fun. probably crying over paigej or ambrollins. DIVAS >>>
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Give me this tag team for the rest of my life

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every week i like to play a game called “who’s going to interfere in seth’s match tonight”

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365Films » We’re The Millers (2013) - [109/365]

"Drug smuggler, Kenny. There’s a difference.
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my fucking roommate. she’s sitting in here on skype, her sound on no headphones, and she’s CACKLING and talking way louder than necessary.

my other roommate and i always leave the room when we’re on the phone or when we want to skype.

she’s so so inconsiderate of us because she didn’t have a roommate all last year. she wants to be with her boyfriend so bad? she can move out immediately.

alright now don’t get me wrong or anything because I’m all for the divas, every last one of them, and I wanted to see Naomi beat Cameron and have that feud continue…

but it seemed to me like that match was longer than the match actually having to do with the bigger two feuds, the one surrounding the divas championship.

why? is it because the total divas fillers are “more important”? I just don’t think I understand.

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